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Renovation Mortgage Process Step #3

Renovation Mortgage Process: Inspections

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Renovation Inspections:

Determine if a HUD Consultant is Required

Welcome to the next step in the renovation mortgage process!

  • If required, the renovation specialist can help provide names of HUD-approved consultants in your State.
  • If not required, you can still have a HUD Consultant do your property inspection or a regular home inspector. – (HUD Consultant recommended if the budget will be close to $30k+ or if you suspect there may be foundation issues with the property or other true structural issues related to load-bearing walls etc. Depending on the program being used this may help avoid additional costs later and help get a solid professional eye on the property upfront that is familiar with Renovation financed programs such as the 203k)
  • Customers should make an initial list of all desired improvements (wish list) and concerns before meeting with the Consultant/Contractors.
  • HUD Consultant and/or Contractor will need copies of any inspection reports (such as structural, termite, well and/or septic if applicable).

We’ll be sure to guide you through this!

Mortgage Loan Process

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Step 2: Contractor Selection

Step 3: Renovation Inspections

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Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about your loan status or the next steps in the process.

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