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Our Motto

Our Motto is “The Renovation Mortgage Process Revealed”

Our Misson

Our Mission is to become the premier online direct to Consumer resource for navigating the mysteries of the FHA 203k, Conventional Fannie Mae HomeStyle, and VA Renovation Mortgage Loan Programs.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to help educate Consumers of all types regarding the many questions that can arise when considering these programs and their overall options – essentially increasing access to these programs.

Our Journey

Our Journey together will consist of providing resources, and information to help clear up misconceptions in the marketplace regarding these programs, and how they actually work.

Our Desire

Our Desire is that this site will help open up more dialogue, and opportunities for Consumers to better understand the benefits of these programs and expand their home search or home improvement options and experience.

Simply Put

Simply Put these programs are some of the Mortgage Industry’s best kept secrets!!! Welcome!!!!

General Program Guidelines

FHA Limited 203k

  • Both Purchase & Refinance Allowed
  • Refinances require 2 appraisals (As Is & After Improved Value)

FHA Standard 203k

  • Both Purchase & Refinance Allowed
  • Refinances require 2 appraisals (As Is & After Improved Value)

Fannie Mae HomeStyle

  • Can lend up to 95% of after improved value up to Conforming loan limits
  • 1-4 units properties allowed


  • Newest Renovation Loan Program in the Market
  • Purchase & Refinance allowed


  • Available programs in this category would be specific to properties that require loan amounts over $424,100.00 as of 2017

Minimum Property Standards

When considering the use of the FHA 203k Program or any other Renovation Loan Program its important to first have a better understanding of what is referred to as Minimum Property Standards.

Navigating a Transaction

Contact an Experienced Mortgage Lender familiar with Renovation loan program options and process flow.

  • Inquire and discuss any specific scenario questions with the Lender contacted including Program option, Property, initial budget estimates, Credit requirements, etc.

Renovation Loan Program History

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Our Motto is The Renovation Mortgage Process Revealed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these Renovation loans work?

These loans work mostly just like the Traditional counter part Programs would work essentially. To keep it simple the primary three aspects that are different are

  • 1) You get to include a Renovation Budget in the Loan Amount
  • 2) You get to use an After Improved Value Appraisal
  • 3) Contractor requirements
What types of Renovations can be included?

a) This will typically depend on what program is being used. The Limited FHA 203k and VA Renovation Loan Program allows what is considered Cosmetic/Non-Structural Repairs. The Standard FHA 203k and HomeStyle Program typically only limit outbuildings.

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